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22.10.2008 14:50

Farewell to Ricard Maxenchs


FC Barcelona have said goodbye to Ricard Maxenchs at the church of Sant Ramon Nonat following his 22 years of devoted service to the club.

Personalities from Barça, the world of football, journalism, supporters’ clubs, the world of industry, social society and many others attended the funeral ceremony on Wednesday afternoon in Barcelona.

A long list

QM3D8558.jpgBarcelonaistas from all eras and walks of life have wanted to say their farewells to Maxenchs after he passed away on Monday aged 54. The list of dignitaries that attended the event in Sant Ramon Nanot was extensive. Current club president Joan Laporta was joined by former presidents Josep Lluis Nuñez, Joan Gaspart and Enric Reyna, former club directors from the past 25 years and former football players such as Olivella, Costas, Pereda, Fusté, Amor and Moratalla, among others, basketball players such as Epi, Flores, Ferran Martínez, former basketball coach Valero Rivera, former Olympic president Juan Samaranch, the secretary general for sport Anna Pruna and the president of Espanyol, Daniel Sánchez Llibre.

Laporta tribute

Laporta, left the church to travel to Basel for the Champions League encounter, spoke about Maxenchs. “He was a man that spent a long time with FC Barcelona where he applied all his efforts in to helping the club retain its good image,” he said. “Ricard, in good measure, achieved that. Rest in peace.” The president continued: “The club is with his family today and will be homage to the man by wearing a black armband in the next game.”

Nuñez pays homage

nunez.jpgNuñez was president between 1978 and 2000 then spoke about Maxenchs’ personality. “We were together at the club almost 22 years and we all knew that he was always respectful towards you (in reference to the mass media)” he explained. “He never kept anything from anyone and nobody ever became angry with him.”

Gaspart calls for support

Gaspart, who was president between 2000 and 2003, then expressed a desire for everyone at Camp Nou to pay homage to Maxenchs. “I think that everyone will agree with me that at the next game the fans will want to pay tribute in Camp Nou in recognition of what Ricard did for FC Barcelona,” he stated.
Farewell to Ricard Maxenchs

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Representing the club
Vice-presidents Alfons Godall and Jaume Ferrer led the FC Barcelona at the ceremony, with the director of external relations, Manel Estiarte. Joan Laporta went to the Tanatorio de Les Corts to help the family before heading off to Basel.

The church of Sant Ramon Nonat saw various other club dignitaries present, including the technical secretary of the handball side, Enric Masip, the head coach, Xavier O’Callaghan and the roller hockey trainer Quim Paüls.

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