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18.02.2009 18:25

Etisalat is new Premium Sponsor


FC Barcelona and telecommunications company Etisalat have signed a commercial agreement and sponsorship deal for the next four years, that will increase annually.

It is one of the biggest deals between the world of sport and telecommunications as it will establish joint commitment in the field of corporate social responsibility. As part of Etisalat's economic agreement the company, that is one of the biggest in the Middle East with a base of around 80 million clients, will contribute to the FC Barcelona Fundación.

Etisalat become a Premium Sponsor of the Blaugrana and that will them to use components of Barça's mobile phone network, the club's television assets and have publicity around the pitch and the stadium, to sell merchandising, celebrate company functions and meetings in the FC Barcelona facilities, organise friendly matches as well as use the club's playing fields. That means they will the image, publicity, hospitality, promotional and social rights.

Global supplier of telecommunications

18-02-09_WEB_ETISALAT_11.jpgRecognised as the pioneer of telecommunications in the United Arab Emirates, Etisalat has three decades at the top, innvoating and leading technology in the MIddle East. They are seen as a company that helps to connect people, local and international business, supply ISP and mobile content around the world via phones, international and fixed line technology.

Etisalat has been acclaimed as the main company for international voice communications in the Middle East, Asia and Africa, as they are present in 18 different countries. twelfth largest in the world with more then 510 agreements in place that help connect around 186 countries through BlackBerry, 3G and voice services. Their internet service is impressive too in the Middle Easy with Points of Presence in New York, London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Paris and Singapore. Etisalat provides a global reach thanks to all the services that it offers.

In that sense, president Joan Laporta explained that the deal is only good new for FC Barcelona. "This agreement is the most important ever signed by FC Barcelona on an international level," he explained. "The agreement means that we will be present in large part of the developing world. We are very pleased and we want to become even stronger."

An array of services

QM3D5676.jpgAs well as communication services, Etisalat also provides a great variety of other things in the field of technology including managing information, producing SIM cards, payment solutions, liquidation payment services, peering, voice and data traffic and terrestrial and underwater wiring.

Etisalast is also one of the main investors in Thuraya, one of the most important geomobile systems of communication in the world, that covers two thirds of the planet.
Etisalat is new Premium Sponsor
Solidarity and responsibility
Apart from the commercial commitments of the agreement between FC Barcelona and Etisalat, the pair will work together to increase the feeling of solidarity and corporate social responsibility within the zones of influences of the communications company. With a clear philosophy to expand its reach, Etisalat firmly believe the human connection approaching the world through technology. With an intense agenda of corporate social responsibility, the company wants to use its considerable resources to improve the business in general. Their initiatives for the corporate social responsibility are based on their core values of optimism and care of people and the environment.

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