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12.02.2009 12:06

Biggest support in Europe


FC Barcelona are top of the list of clubs with the biggest supports in Europe according to a study made by Germany’s Sport + Markt. With 44.2 million supporters, Barça are ahead of both Real Madrid and Manchester United.

Barça’s amazing performances on the pitch are attracting more and more fans. Sport + Markt calculate that the club has 44.2 million fans, more than any other club in Europe.

Top spot

qm3d5640.jpgBehind Barça come Real Madrid, with 41 million and Manchester United with 37.6. In other words, FC Barcelona have 3.2 million more fans than their Spanish rivals and 6.6 million more than the European champions. The trio are followed by Chelsea in fourth and Zenit San Petersburg in fifth.

The survey

fcb-valladolid_x18x.jpgSport + Markt based ins research on a sample of 9,600 football fans aged 15 to 69 in 16 European countries – Germany, the UK, Spain, Italy, France, Holland, Portugal, Turkey, Croatia, Czech Republic, Austria, Poland, Russia, Hungary, Switzerland and Greece.
Biggest support in Europe

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The 10 most supported clubs in Europe
These are the 10 clubs with the biggest support bases in Europe (in millions):

1.- FC Barcelona, 44,2
2.- Real Madrid, 41
3.- Manchester United, 37,6
4.- Chelsea, 25,6
5.- Zenit San Petersburg, 23,9
6.- Liverpool, 23
7.- Arsenal, 21,3
8.- AC Milan, 21
9.- Bayern Munich, 19,8
10.- Juventus, 17,5

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