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11.02.2009 11:12

Barça TV around the world


Barça TV has extended its coverage even further around the world after agreeing deals to see it be shown in Mexico and France with both countries now receiving the station for al the Blaugrana fans there.

In the last three years, the presence of Barça has increased significantly growing from just three countries in 2006 to no less than 144 that it can currently be seen in.

The channel started in 1999, then called Canal Barça, but it was not until 2005 that international expansion began. That year, apart from the Spanish state, Barça TV began to shown in Japan and France, with the latter having just started to retransmit it after some years off air. From now on, and coinciding with IMG's involvement, the international expansion continued to grow until 144 counties were able to see Barça tv.

Well established

This progression has allowed the club's channel to be situated, in terms of distribution, at the top of the list of football club's television coverage such as Premier League sides Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester United, that all have their own platforms that are well established in the field.

Growing steadily

mapabtvi.jpgThe fact that Barça TV is now available in 144 countries means that it could potentially be seen in no less than 180 million households, an unthinkable amount a few seasons ago. It means that in just three season things have multiplied nine times and fans are now able to enjoy all the news and action from the club. Canada and Scandanvia are areas where deals have yet to be reached to show the channel, as well as a few European countries.

An increase such as this has meant that not only the number of places that can see the channel has grown, but also the characteristics of Barça TV has altered. In the last two years Brazil and Mexico have started being able to receive it and that has meant that the club is now seen in two places that have traditionally huge football markets.
Barça TV around the world
Programme schedule
At present the 33 international companies that emit Barça TV distribute a total of six hours of programming every week, shown in two blocks of three hours. Among the programmes shown are the first team's matches as well as behind the scenes looks at the club and reports from within Camp Nou that lets fans find out all the news and things of interest from the Blaugrana.

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