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09.02.2009 12:16

Foundation to travel to India


A club party headed by Joan Laporta is to travel Wednesday to India to open the first XICS centre in Asia and lay the first stone for the second.

Bathalapalli_Sports_Centre_02.JPGThis new XICS centre is in Bathalapalli, in the state of Andhra Pradesh in southern India. The facility, to be opened on Thursday the 12th, can accommodate 100 people who will among other things be able to do extra classes in IT, English and maths and do sports activities.

First stone of new XICS at Amatkur

The success of this first XICS – which began operating a year ago – has led the Foundation to start building another one in Atmakur near Bathalapalli. The Barša party will lay the first stone next Friday.

With the Vicente Ferrer Foundation

JBE_175.JPGThese two projects are being put in place in partnership with the Vicente Ferrer Foundation (FVF) through the local Rural Development Trust/Women’s Development Trust. The Ferrer family is to receive the Barša party at their campus in Anantapur.

Help for outcaste children

Many of the beneficiaries of these centres are orphans or belong to families at risk. They also include the “dalits” or “oppressed” who are children excluded from the Indian caste system, find it hard to go to state schools and have historically done badly paid jobs.
Foundation to travel to India
Other actions in Asia
Vice-chairman Alfons Godall and Foundation director general Marta Seg˙ will accompany chairman Joan Laporta to India.

In addition to these XICS centres the Foundation is also rolling out more funding for Asia, and in partnership with the UNHCR is working in Nepal with refugee children from Bhutan and their families.

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