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21.11.2007 20:06

Ingla explains Baršaĺs global impact


Barša was present on Wednesday at the Catalonia Internationalisation Week at the Barcelona Fair. Vice-president Marc Ingla explained the process of worldwide expansion of the Club.

FC Barcelona vice-president, Marc Ingla, spoke at a workshop on strategies for worldwide expansion. He explained that Barša bases its activities on two pillars: sporting excellence (good football, fair-play and stylish players) and social commitment. “We believe that we are more than a club and that distinguished us from the rest”. He gave the example of the agreement with UNICEF as something that fitted in perfectly with the values the Club has promoted since 1899.

The importance of success

ingla_1.jpgMarc Ingla admitted that sporting success was essential for the growth in the Barša’s influence and power of attraction: “Our shop window, our star product is the Champions League. It’s key to our projection”. However, he insisted that income alone wasn’t enough and that social commitment was also important.

Ingla went on to describe the situation of the modern football industry. He outlined the rupture between local and global clubs (including Barša) and described football not just as the pitch and the game but also as spectacle: “Barša has a pioneering position in a globalised and media-influenced society. Having great players and winning titles helps to project us and that’s what we have explained: how we capitalise on our international projection”.
Photo: Joan Mari˝o
Photo: Joan Mari˝o
The agreement with UNESCO
Referring to this Friday’s signing of an agreement with UNESCO, Marc Ingla told us that links between the Club and international bodies – such as the deal with UNICEF – were very important: “Agreements such as the one with UNESCO makes us great”.

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