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26.10.2007 12:32

Richard Toll support centre opens

Marc Parramon

There were nearly 3,000 children present for the opening of the new support centre in Richard Toll in Senegal and, through the club's Foundation, spread a smile across the faces of everyone.

President Joan Laporta unveiled the plaque to commemorate the opening of the support centre in the town, upon which was written XICS (Network of International Support Centres), which was founded by the FC Barcelon Foundation.

The huge number of people who gathered to witness the even showed just how big the news was that the centre was opening and Laporta was delighted withthe reception that he has received. "Meeting the children was really great," he said. "They have made us feel Senegalese."

Help for over 250 children

premis_partit_reduida.JPGThe centre will provide education, medical and psychological support to around 250 children during its first three years. Almost 40 per cent of those that are members of the centre will be children in extreme difficulties who live in a precarious sitation in the Koranic schols in the country. The other children from Richard Toll who are at risk from social exclusion will be inscribed with special attention being given to girls.

800 square meters

The community centre covers 800 square metres and has two classrooms, a library, two workshops, a kitchen and two sanitary areas.

Back to Barcelona

The Barça party flew out of Dakar on Friday towards Paris, where they will then catch another flight back to Barcelona. The club representatives and the Foundation members left Richard satisfied with a job well done. That satisfaction came from the knowledge that the task that they set out to complete and been accomplished.
Richard Toll support centre opens
Fun and games
After the official opening of the support centre, several football games took place on the pitches next to the building. The teams were made up from youngsters in the area. All the players wore official Barça kit donated by the Foundation and Joan Laporta even kicked one of the games off in honour of the occasion.

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