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06.10.2007 13:22

Seats depending on Seient Lliure


The first team’s game on Sunday against Atlético Madrid is raising huge expectations, and once more the availability of seating as part of the Seient Lliure scheme holds the key.

This Sunday, from five o’clock, football returns to the Camp Nou. The quality of the opposition in Atlético Madrid and the unusual daytime kick off have made this a game a lot of people are going to want to see. And the only way of meeting the demand for tickets is by means of the Seient Lliure (free seat) system.

Little availability

At 16.00 on Saturday there were only 72 tickets left on sale. This amount will change as the day goes by and will increase or decrease as tickets are sold and seats are freed. Ticket availability is an ever-changing process. All freed tickets go straight on sale to anybody who wishes to buy them. That means that even though there may be no tickets at any given time, more can always become available later on.

For the players, it is extremely important for the ground to be full. They want to put on the kind of show the fans can enjoy, with goals and spectacular plays, and that is so much easier when there is a full stadium to get behind them. So, members that can’t attend the game are asked to use the system to make their seat available to somebody else, thus ensuring as many Barça fans as possible are able to see the game.

How Seient Lliure works

Members can free their seats using the members section of the www.fcbarcelona.cat website, by phoning 902 1899 00 or using Servicaixa terminals. And the earlier a seat is freed, the better the chances of it being sold. Once the seat has been made available, the Club puts it on sale immediately. That way, another fan can buy it and enjoy the thrill of live football in the Camp Nou.

We remind members that when freed seats are sold, members get 50% of the amount reduced from the cost of their season ticket for the following season. That way the members, the fans, the players, the club and Barça as a whole all come out winning.
Seats depending on Seient Lliure
Prices and points of sale
The price of tickets for members, who get a 20% discount on the first ticket is from 32 to 88 euros. The general public can get tickets for between 40 and 110 euros. You can easily buy a ticket from your home using www.fcbarcelona.cat, a Servicaixa terminals at La Caixa savings bank, by calling 902 1899 00 or from the Camp Nou ticket offices.

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