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12.06.2008 17:59

Rummenigge: “Europe sees Barça as a pioneer”

Miriam Nadal

Speaking after a meeting of the European Clubs Association in the Camp Nou, ECA and Bayern Munich president Karl Heinze Rummenigge has praised the role of the current Barça Board of Directors.

Rummenigge told waiting reporters: “FC Barcelona is a very important club in Europe. I’m a good friend of Joan Laporta and over the last five years he has done what nobody else had been able to do. I remember the club’s financial problems. But now in terms of finance Barça is a pioneer. And also on a sporting level with two league titles and a Champions League”.

“Europe sees Barça as a pioneer. We’re surprised at what has been happening over the last two months”.

According to Rummenigge, a recent survey in Germany indicated that FC Barcelona had the best club image in Europe.

ar_35.jpgDuring today’s ECA meeting, it was decided to hold elections for the various Board posts at the General Assembly on 6th and 7th July. One of the main issues debated at the meeting was the so-called 6+5 proposal being put forward by FIFA. Although no firm conclusions were reached, the ECA believes the measure is unnecessary and goes against the European regulations on the free movement of footballers.

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