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18.05.2008 23:55

“There will be changes”

David Saura

In his interview on TV3, Joan Laporta also spoke about the future. He said that work is already being done on a new sporting era, just as in 2004, with a large number of new people joining the club. “There will be changes,” he said.

After reviewing the last two seasons, Joan Laporta also spoke about his plans for the future of the club. Without referring to anyone by name – “we’ll soon see which players are staying and which ones are going,” he said – he guaranteed that this summer “there will be changes”.

Like the summer of 2004

laporta_tv3_x2x.jpgIn this respect he forecast that the squad for next season would undergo changes similar to those which took place in the summer of 2004, when xx players joined the club: “We’ll strengthen the defence, midfield and the attack. We’re planning for a new era. In 2004 a large number of new players came along. We’re looking for balance, not names; we want players who can perform when and where it matters.”

Choosing Guardiola

Joan Laporta said that the new Barça coach “will have a team that will make Barça fans happy again.” He highlighted Pep Guardiola’s unassuming nature as he had taken on Barça B in the Third Division, and went on to say that Guardiola is a coach “with beliefs, a style and a way of playing that we share. Guardiola conveys enthusiasm and effort.”
“There will be changes”
“We are strong and enthusiastic”
Towards the end of the interview, the chairman of FC Barcelona said that “we love Barça and Catalonia; we have the strength and the enthusiasm we need to continue dedicating the best years of our lives to running Barça with humility and responsibility.” Previously he had said that “we have the experience required to do this. We’ve still got time left before the next elections and we really want to finish our entire term.”

Finally he said that “everything we do is because we want the next chairman of Barça to have a club which is in better condition than the one we found in 2003. That is what loving Barça means.”

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