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17.01.2008 12:59

Members choose solidarity project

Marc Parramon

This year for the first time FC Barcelona members can choose the Foundation project that they would like to see supported by the 0.7% of their annual membership fees for 2008.

In 2008 FC Barcelona members can interact and decide on part of the charitable work carried out by the Foundation. They can choose which solidarity project is to receive the 0.7% of their membership fee which is set aside for charity.

Website voting

On the Foundation’s website there is now a feature called 'The Members’ Solidarity Project'. This gives access to a web page where members can choose between three International Solidarity Centres: the one in Senegal, the one in Ecuador and the one in India.

Where €125,000 is heading

The page provides information about each of these centres and what life is like for children in the country concerned. After identifying themselves, members can vote for one of these projects. The centre that gets the most votes will receive around €125,000 in funding.

The Foundation uses these Solidarity Centres to provide the boys and girls in most need with a chance that they don’t often have to get access to education, health and security through what we as a club understand best: sport.
Members choose solidarity project

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The Foundation, closer to members
This is another innovation from the Foundation which reinforces its interaction with club members by giving them a role in decision making. Voting will be open until next 29 February.

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