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30.12.2009 22:45

2009 ends with 14 wins (65-45)

Sònia de Alba

Regal Barça have beaten Suzuki Manresa in the last game of 2009. Xavi Pascual’s side faced a strong visiting defence, especially in the second half, but eventually cruised to a 20 point win.

Everybody gathered at the Palau to see the final game of the Regal Barça year against Suzuki Manresa to go 14-1 in the ACB, also took home a free DVD containing highlights of the 2008/09 season. The 2009/10 season’s highlights promise to be even better, and even with a poor showing in offence, the home side was able to celebrate a comfortable win today. The opposition was Suzuki Manresa, a strong spirited side despite the problems affecting the team, and who gained in confidence as the game grew older.

Show of respect

Both sides wanted to end the year well. The home side looked in form and took an early lead, with Navarro contributing eight points almost consecutively.

Suzuki Manresa were shell-shocked by this early Barça onslaught, and only conjured up a very shy response.

Tight defending

The first period ended 23-9 and the second had barely commenced and it was 28-9.

2009-12-30_REGAL_FCB_-_SUZUKI_MANRESA_010.jpgIt was then that Jaume Ponsarnau’s side finally started coming to life, especially defensively. They put constant pressure on Barça’s attack, who rather than extending their lead, simply maintained their 20 point advantage (34-14).

Rodrigo San Miguel led the Manresa fight back with a series of three pointers, and the rest of the team started following. Nevertheless, Barça managed to keep scoring and their lead never looked in major threat.

There was then a shock when Ricky Rubio went down and needed medical treatment, although it doesn’t seem that the youngster has suffered anything particularly serious and he was able to play on.

Navarro goes direct

Rubio actually led the play into the final period, as the home side upped the ante with Navarro bagging a couple of threes to take Barça back to +20. In a tremendous game, the former Grizzlies star ended with an evaluation of 21.

Then guard also moved up a place in the all-time ranking of top 3-pointer scorers in the ACB. He is now fifth and just one short of fourth placed Rafa Jofresa with 712.

Barça are now a majestic 14-1 in the ACB, following yet another game in which Pascual used every one of his men, including Xavi Rabaseda.
2009 ends with 14 wins (65-45)

Regal FC Barcelona (23+11+13+18): Rubio (12), Navarro (20), Ndong (3), Lorbek (4), Mickeal (7) – starting five – Basile (3), Trias (4), Vázquez (2), Rabaseda (-), Morris (-), Sada (2), Grimau (8)

Suzuki Manresa: (9+5+19+12): Grimau (2), Cusworth (11), Montañez (2), Ivanov (5), San Miguel (15) – starting five – Llorca (1), Alzamora (2), Gladyr (5), López (-), Lewis (2)

Referees: García Ortiz, Bultó and Sánchez Montserrat

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