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22.11.2009 16:18

Strong mentality

S˛nia de Alba

The basketball players were delighted with their performance against Lagun Aro, especially as there was considerable fear that the Basque side would be able to steal a win at the Palau.

Xavi Pascual, Regal Barša coach, knew the Lagun Aro game was very important. “They have been the shock team this season” he said, and knew his players needed to keep their heads and break down their opponent’s play.

The following comments were made by the players after the game ( 83-54 ).

Xavi Pascual, Regal FC Barcelona coach

“We were intelligent and aggressive in defence. We got it right in attack, but our finishing could have been a bit better. But all in all, we’re happy with the win.”

2009-11-22_REGAL_FCB_-_LAGUN_ARO_GBC_031.jpg“There are good feelings. We attacked the opposition’s weak points and won cleverly. This week won’t decide the season, we have a big game with Montepaschi and just 44 hours later we’ve got Unicaja, but we are in good shape for those games, whether we win or lose.”

(On an improving Ricky): "We have spent hours working on his shooting. He is very solid with throws like this, he’s shooting well."

Ricky Rubio

“They are one of the surprise packages in the league, they’re playing very well. We started intensely in defence and you could see that in how they only got nine points in the first period.”

“If we are keen and concentrate we are hard to stop. Playing 100% we are a great side.”

“I am still working and gaining confidence, and if my shots go in, so much the better.”

VÝctor Sada

“The defence was very strong, that’s our identity. We respect every team that comes to the Palau and do all we can not to make it too easy for them.”

“These games can get complicated in you don’t start well.”

“This is a very good week. We’re going to Siena and Malaga, but as usual, we have to take things step by step.”
Images: └lex Caparrˇs (FCB)
Images: └lex Caparrˇs (FCB)
Pablo Laso accepts reality
Lagun Aro coach Pablo Laso said it had been a game with very little history. “We started well in defence and badly in attack. We moved the ball around well, but made too many mistakes and they took their chances … we had a very complete team against us, but we could have played better, though I am not sure how much better we would have to have been to win. I congratulate them, especially for their individual talents, and they are extremely powerful in defence.”

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