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20.06.2010 10:52

An incredible season

S˛nia de Alba

Regal FC Barcelona played 71 games last season and managed to record an incredible 63 victories as they lifted silverware both as a team and as individuals.

The players were disappointed after losing the Liga ACB in the final but they more tan made up for it as they pressed ahead and went on to bring glory to the Catalan outfit.

With 63 official wins under their belts their year was comparable to that of an NBA side. The record sheet read 2-0 in the Liga Catalana, 2-0 in the ACB Super Cup, 31-3 in the Liga ACB regular season, 20-2 in the Euroleague, 3-0 in the Copa del Rey and 5-3 in the Liga ACB play-offs.

Great start

2010-05-09_REGAL_FCB_-_OLYMPIACOS_024.jpgIn pre-season things began well with Barša winning the Liga Catalan with a 95-53 win over Josep de Girona before DKV Joventut were defeated 38-62 in the final.

Gran Canaria 2014 were the opponents in the Spanish Super Cup semi final and were beaten 51-74 before Real Madrid proved to be no match as they were dispatched 86-82.

In the Liga ACB the team did not taste defeat until the second phase while in Europe almost everyone was brushed aside.

The Copa del Rey reaffirmed just how strong Barša were as they eased to a third trophy win of the campaign with victories over Cajasol and Real Madrid.

Partisan were the only side to win against the Blaugrana in the early stages of the Euroleague and Madrid were once again the losing side as Barša progressed to the Final Four in Paris. It was there that the Catalan club became the champions of the continent once more as they beat CSKA and Olympiacos.


In the Liga ACB play-offs Barša looked firm favourites as they beat Gran Canaria 2014 twice to move into the semi finals. Once there Unicaja proved to be no match as the Blaugrana won all three games, but things were very different in the final.

Caja Laboral proved to be one step too far for Barša as the Basque Country outfit were triumphant in all three games and took the trophy.
An incredible season
One step away
Regal Barša came so close to completing a clean sweep of all five trophies. The last time the club managed the Copa del Rey, Euroleague and Liga ACB title was in 2002/03 and this current side felt that they could have repeated the feat.

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