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11.10.2008 20:57

Constantly improving (74-58)

Carles Cascante

Regal FC Barcelona are getting better with every game and defeating important rivals. On Saturday their latest victim was the as yet unbeaten Pamesa Valencia, with Basile leading the way with 21 evaluation points.

QM3D3438.jpgMental strength and physical superiority were the keys to deciding this game in the third period after it had been all square at the break. Pamesa were almost always behind apart from a few moments in the second period, and then in the third Barça built up a lead that was never reduced. Regal Barça got almost everything right and Basile almost hit perfection with his three point throws. In the final period, two baskets in three attempts from Barton were the final nails in the Pamesa coffin. Juan Carlos Navarro played a few more minutes as he continues to recover from the muscle injury that has sidelined him for the early games in the Liga ACB season.

Pamesa get better

There was a bit of everything in the first half. Basile and Lakovic kept Barça in command in a game in which their side looked better in all departments, but without doing anything special, Pamesa ended the first 20 minutes matching the home side’s score (36-36). gigantic Perovic was particularly impressive, and, despite going 22-14 down to the side coached by Xavi Pascual at the end of the first period, the scores were reversed in the second (14-22) to leave things all square, with key moments being Rafa Martínez’s third foul and three triples from Douglas.

Excellent third period

Xavi Pascual’s almost touched perfection after the restart. Basile was the main man with three three pointers in that period, while Ilyasova contributed three important rebounds. The defence was especially solid, and Barça used that to claw into a ten point lead. Lakovic also played an important role, and it was his three that stretched the lead to eleven (51-40).

Palau delirious

QM3D3474.jpgIn the final period the side connected even more with its supporters. The Palau was like an extra man, just as the section’s director Josep Cubells had requested a few days earlier. This period also saw the only score of the game from Víctor Sada (63-51), who played a far more discrete role that in his ‘redebut’ against Joventut. As the game went into its final stages, three almost consecutive threes from Barton ended up deciding a brilliant performance from Xavi Pascual’s side. Regal FC Barcelona can now concentrate on their next ACB game on Tuesday against Kalise Gran Canária.
Constantly improving (74-58)

Regal FCB (22+14+23+15): Basile (21), Barton (6), Lakovic (13), Andersen (-), Santiago (6) – starting five – Barrett (2), Trias (-), Navarro (-), Vázquez (10), Ilyasova (9), Sada (2), Grimau (5)

Pamesa (14+22+13+9): Perovic (8), Claver (8), Williams (4), Martínez (2), Dikoudis (5) – starting five – Oliver (9), Douglas (11), Kuqo (-), Miralles (6), Avdalovic (-), Pietrus (2)

Referees: Pérez Pérez, Murgui and Munar

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