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02.05.2009 13:24

Physical and mental recovery

Roger BogunyÓ (enviat especial)

Regal Barša have two things to do on Saturday. Get over the cruel defeat to CSKA and get ready for Sundayĺs meeting with Olympiacos.

It is never nice to lose the first game of the Final Four ( 78-82 ), but Regal Barša have to keep their heads up and hope to end their six-month participation in the Euroleague, playing more matches than anybody, with a win.

Autographs and meeting

QM3D1670.jpgRegal Barša started this day of recovery by meeting the supporters in the Hotel Intercontinental and signing autographs. Then there was a team meeting to try to lift spirits.

Training in the O2

QM3D0785.jpgThen they have a gentle recovery session, as they turn their minds to the third place play off against Olympiacos. Training begins at 15.00 in the O2 World, as have all of their sessions to date.

At 13.00, the team gathered for lunch.
Physical and mental recovery
Official Euroleague supper
On Saturday night at 21.00, some players will be attending the official Euroleague supper in the O2 World, where prizes will also be awarded, such as the MVP and the best starting five. Juan Carlos Navarro will be the official representative, and is one of the nominees for an award.

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