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03.06.2008 23:55

TAU take the title (76-61)

Roger Bogunyà

AXA Barça have lost game three of the ACB final against TAU Cerámica, who thus sweep the series and take the Spanish title. A poor start and numerous losses in offence proved fatal, but Barça never gave up hope until the buzzer sounded.

Barça needed two wins in Vitoria to keep the series alive, and things got off to the worst of starts. AXA Barça could not get into their rhythm and trailed for almost the entire match, only managing to snatch a timid equaliser in the second period (26-26). It was evenly matched stuff most of the way, with the home side only starting to break in the third, and it was then that TAU’s accuracy and Barça’s lack of the same decided the destiny of this year’s ACB title. In the second half, Barça had the opportunities but did not take them, and for the second year in a row have to make do with runners-up medals.

Two points in over eight minutes

PO_FINAL_TERCER_PARTIDO10.JPGAXA Barça knew what they had to do at the Buesa Arena. They had to defend well and be more imposing in offence, but ultimately only managed the former. They scored first, but that was the only time they led in the entire game, immediately succumbing to an 11 point streak from the Basque outfit, and only adding a further score when the first period was almost dead. In defence, matters were solid, and only Rakocevic managed a three, but it was not enough.

From 26-26 to 31-26

PO_FINAL_TERCER_PARTIDO11.JPGAXA Barça reacted well in the second period, and largely had Vázquez and Basile to thank as they levelled affairs on 26 each. With three minutes of the half left, Spahija called a time out and it did the trick, because his side went straight out to score five on the trot while AXA Barça put their faith in ambitious throws for three, which just weren’t getting results (31-26).

The gap widens

PO_FINAL_TERCER_PARTIDO7.JPGTeletovic with threes, and Splitter in the zone cancelled out the contributions by Pepe Sánchez’s, the best Barça player in the third period. TAU edged on to an 11 point lead (52-41), although AXA Barça showed no sign of giving up so soon. But this was not the night for Pascual’s side, TAU stealing decisive balls and scoring with relative ease, recording no fewer than 27 points in the third period.

More losses

Barça needed to find something very special in the final period, but they didn’t. Two turnovers in attack led to smashes and the home fans went wild. An 8-0 streak meant it was all over (66-48). Despite knowing they had little hope of preventing a 3-0 series defeat now, Barça showed all their finest spirit in the final minutes, but it as merely a show of pride, for the game was already decided. TAU eventually won 76-61 to claim only their second ACB title in club history .
Photos: acb media
Photos: acb media
TAU Ceràmica, 76

TAU Ceràmica: Prigioni (2), Mickeal (14), Rakocevic (16), Teletovic (12), Splitter (11) –starting five-, Planinic (7), Singleton (8), Vidal, Jasaitis, McDonald (6)

AXA FCB: Lakovic (6), Basile (6), Trias (2), Ilyasova (2), Kasun (10) – starting five -, Neal, Marconato (7), Acker (2), Grimau (3), Pepe Sánchez (11), Vázquez (12)

Periods: 15-9, 16-17, 27-22, 18-13

Referees: Arteaga, Pizarro and Conde.

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