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24.02.2008 14:07

Fuenlabrada show strength (77-69)


AXA FC Barcelona have lost on Fuenlabrada’s court. The team led by Luis Casimiro took control of the game from the first minute. The performances of men like Jorge García, Saúl Blanco and Marko Tomas was crucial to the Madrid team’s victory.

AXA FC Barcelona’s technical team had already warned about the danger of playing against a strong Fuenlabrada at home. They took control of the game from the first minute, and dominated the whole game. The performances of men like Jorge García, Saúl Blanco and Marko Tomas was crucial to the Madrid team’s victory. As for Barça, the best aspect was that Lakovic got 16 points and Ilyasova 15.

Bad start

Alta Gestión Fuenlabrada got off to a good start, Paraíso scoring from Lakovic losing the ball. Saúl Blanco and Marko Tomas brought the score up to 7-0.

Barça’s first point came from Kasun in the third minute, but the Madrid team dominated the play till the end of the first period. Acker and Lakovic reduced the difference to 4 points, but Fuenlabrada closed the period with an 8-point lead (19-11).

Constant work

AXA Barça looked stronger at the outset of the second period. Ilyasova and Marconato were the first to react, and Barça reduced the difference to 2 points (26-24).

But the home team stood their ground, and maintained their lead throughout the game. Marko Tomas hardly missed any. Ilyasova was crucial in this part, but despite the Turk’s hard work, Jorge García brought the score to 37-31 before the break.

Loss of energy

Fuenlabrada took the initiative from the outset of the third quarter. Jorge García Saúl Blanco and Marko Tomas prevent Barça from pulling the score back. AXA Barça managed 14 points, and at the end of the period it stood at 59-49.

No possibilities

García was lethal during the last 10 minutes, and another point from Alta Gestión’s number 12 brought the game to its greatest gap (72-57). Jorge García ended the match with 18 points and was the top scorer of the game.

In the dying moment of the game, Grimau revived Barça a little, and they pulled the score back to 72-66. Ferran López and Marko Tomas sentenced the game, and Acker got a final triple (77-69).
Fuenlabrada show strength (77-69)

AG Fuenlabrada: Wideman (7), López (7), Blanco (15), Tomas (19), Paraíso (9) — starting five — Vasic (-), Guardia (2), Tomas (-), García (18), Frutos (-), Radivojevic (-), Ramos (-).

AXA FCB: Basile (-), Trias (2), Lakovic (16), Acker (14), Kasun (4) — starting five — Sánchez (2), Marconato (2), Neal (-), Vázquez (4), Ilyasova (15), Moncasi (-), Grimau (10).

Partial scores: 19-11; 18-20; 22-18; 18-20

Referees: Arteaga, Llamazares and Cardús

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