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Wilde Gomes da Silva

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News article on: 13 Wilde

Image associated to news article on:  Wilde Gomes da Silva
Sports name: Wilde
Position: Pivot
Place of birth: Oros Ceará (Brazil)
Date of birth: 14th January 1981
Shirt nº:

Wilde Gomes da Silva

Wilde Gomes da Silva, born on 14th January 1981, signed for Barca after a highly successful stint with ElPozo Murcia.

In common with virtually all Brazilian futsal stars, Wilde spent his childhood kicking a ball around the streets of his home town Oros Ceará. He turned pro with General Motors at the age of 18, moving to Santos and Banespa il'Ullbra before crossing over to the Spanish league with MRA.

After two seasons he signed for ElPozo Murcia, winning four league titles, the Cup and two Spanish Super Cups in five seasons –three of these titles coming in the last, highly successful, season. He is the Honour Division’s top scorer for the past two seasons with 36 goals in the regular phase (47 including the play-offs) this season, and 35 goals (plus 11 in the play-offs) the season before.

On signing for Barca he told us: "I’d been waiting for this moment for some time; finally I’m in the right place so of course I’m happy. With Barca I hope to contribute to a united squad just as we were in ElPozo”.


Wilde is a natural goal scorer, with a powerful, accurate shot. He scored 179 goals in five seasons with ElPozo. In addition, his greater maturity can be seen in his improving defensive contribution.


1999/00: General Motors
2000-01: Santos
2001-02: Banespa
2002-03: Ullbra
2003-5: MRA Gvtarra
2005-10: ElPozo Murcia Turística


FC Barcelona
2011 League
2011 King Cup
2011 Spanish Cup
2010 Catalan Cup

ElPozo Murcia

2009/10: League
2010: Spanish Cup
2010: Spanish Super Cup
2008/09: League
2008: Silver. UEFA Futsal Cup
2008: Spanish Cup
2007: Iberian Cup
2007: Bronze. UEFA Futsal Cup
2006/07: League
2006: Spanish Super Cup
2005/06: League

2002/03: Brazilian League
2002: Intercontinental Cup

2002: Metropolitan Championship
2002: State Championship
2002: Río Sao Paulo Minas Cup

General Motors
2000: Metropolitan Championship

Brazil national team
2009: Granprix
2008 Gold. Brazil World Championship

Individual honours
2009/10: Top scorer LNFS
2008/09: Best pivot LNFS
2008/09: Top scorer LNFS

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