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Igor Raphael Lima de Souza

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News article on: 10 Igor

Image associated to news article on:  Igor Raphael Lima de Souza
Shirt name: Igor
Position: Pivot
Place of birth: Fortaleza (Brazil)
Date of birth: August 2, 1984
Height: 174 cm
Weight: 71 kg
Shirt n║: 12

Igor Raphael Lima de Souza

Igor is the youngest player in the squad. Despite his young age, however, he has already gained experience at the highest level which he will now bring to the FC Barcelona Senseit team.

Igor was born in Fortaleza, Brazil on August 2, 1984. At just 23 he has already tasted life at the highest level in futsal, that began during his early years playing in Brazil. He played for Sumou Caera and then for Sao Mguel from Iguaša. His next port of call was Caja Segovia in Spain, where he spent two seasons.

The pivot signed for Barša Senseit in the summer of 2007 and is set to bring youth and exhuberance to the forward line. Igor revealed his desire to succeed at the club as he stated: "I want to enjoy myself as much as I can here at a club with such a good structure. I also want to enjoy winning trophies with this team."


Despite his youth, Igor has shown an incredible amount of potential. In one-on-one situations is he very strong and has shown great balance and technique. He also has great anticipation.


2001-02 Sumou Ceara
2002-03 Sao Miguel do Iguašu
2003-07 Caja Seg˛via
2007-09 FC Barcelona Mobicat


2011 League
2011 King Cup
2011 Spanish Cup
2010 Catalan Cup
2009 Catalan Cup
2008 Catalan Cup
2004 Copa Rio Sao Paulo
2004 State Championship
2004 Metropolitan Championship
2003 Copa Latina
2002 South American Under-20 Championships

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