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News article on: Futsal

Image associated to news article on:  Carlos Mu˝oz: the latest addition
Another two signings
Apart from Carlos Mu˝oz, Barša Mobicat also signed two other players earlier in the season. These were Jordi Sßnchez and Saad AsÝs. The former arrived from Armi˝ana Valencia, which had disappeared, as had Mˇstoles, from where Italian-Brazilian Saad Assis was signed.

Carlos Mu˝oz: the latest addition

Carlos Mu˝oz was the last new face in Barša Mobicat this season. He arrived in November but could not make his debut until the winter transfer window opened.

He signed for Barša Mobicat on November 7, 2008. A week later he may have been able to train but could not play in matches. Carlos Mu˝oz was here for two seasons, but having already played for Caja Segovia, he was temporarily illegible to represent Barša Mobicat.

Tough first months

QM3D2547.jpgThe first two months at Barša Mobicat were especially tough for Carlos Mu˝oz, as he had no hope of actually playing for the first team. There were added frustrations. “In December I was on my own in Barcelona” he remembers. “I couldn’t play and I didn’t have my family with me. It was tough because I couldn’t travel to Madrid because I had to train”.

Unable to test his chances in the Palau, Carlos Mu˝oz could only watch from the sidelines. “I enjoyed watching the matches in the Palau, be it basketball, handball or, of course, futsal. I knew everyone in the box. The games are much more relaxed seen from up there because you don’t get the tension of having to play.”

Taking part

QM3D5416.jpgBut when it came to futsal, he wasn’t only in the Palau as a spectator. Marc Carmona made him join in with all the team talks before, during and after games. “I had to be there an hour before the game for the pre-match team talk and also to be there for break” he said..

Debut, in the Copa Catalana

But Carlos Mu˝oz then had the chance to bring his debut forward, in the Copa Catalana against Marfil Santa Coloma.

DSC_1977.JPGHe didn’t play a league game until January 9, 2009 and it was at the Palau Blaugrana against Benicarlˇ. Barša Mobicat won 5-3. In late January he got to celebrate his first goal in the FCB shirt and immediatelt became a key member of the squad. He played every game from then on, and scored four goals.

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