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Daniel Alves da Silva

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Name: Daniel Alves da Silva
Position: defender
Place of birth: Juazeiro (Brazil)
Date: 6-5-1983
Height: 173 cm
Weight: 64 kg
FC Barcelona-Wisla (4-0, Champions League), 13/08/2008
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Daniel Alves da Silva

Dani Alves is one of the strongest, most intense right-sided players in the world, and covers an extraordinary amount of ground. He came to FC Barcelona in the summer of 2008, aged 25 years, after six seasons with Sevilla.

Born on May 6, 1983 in Juazeiro (the Brazilian state of Bahia), Daniel Alves started out playing at youth level for the biggest club in the region, Esporte Clube Bahia. He progressed through the ranks, and was just 18 when he played his first top flight match, when the club was being managed by former Barça man Evaristo de Macedo.

Bahia won 3-0 against Paraná that day, and Alves impressed from the outset. He was brought down for a penalty and also supplied an assist, leading the home fans to start chanting “Ah, ah, ah, Daniel titular”.

Alves’ first professional title was the Bahia Championship in 2001 followed by the Northeast Cup in 2001 and 2002. This led to a call-up for the Brazilian Under 20 team in January 2003. Sevilla had their eye on him, and brought him to Europe on loan.

Pleased with his performances, the Andalusian outfit soon acquired permanent rights to the player. In late 2003, Alves was in the World Under 20 Cup winning team. It was played in the UAE, and Brazil beat Spain (with Andrés Iniesta in the side) 1-0 in the final. Alves was named best full back of the competition.

In that 2003/04 season, he played 29 games as right back for Sevilla as the club qualified for Europe.

As time went by, Alves consolidated his role as both a defender and part of the attack in the Sevilla team that in 2005/06 won the UEFA Cup. The Brazilian was named best player in that competition, and a few months later, won the Super Cup as his side beat FC Barcelona in Monaco.

In 2006/07 the Brazilian formed a solid part of the Sevilla team that went on to also retain the UEFA Cup, and collect the Copa del Rey as well.

A year before joining Barça, Alves won the Spanish Super Cup by beating Madrid and also gained his first Champions League experience. Sevilla went out in the second round to Turkish club Fenerbahçe. In that 2007/08 season, Alves played 33 league games and was the second most used player in the squad after Navas.

Now considered one of the best full backs in the world, Alves came to Barça in the summer of 2008. In his first season, he was involved in the incredible treble winning campaign. He missed very few games, but one of those was the Champions League final in Rome. Despite being a defender, he scored five goals in his 54 appearances.

Despite injury problems he was the first choice right back in his second season, winning his second consecutive league title among other honours. He scored 3 goals in 29 matches.

In his third year at Barça he won three new titles: the Spanish Supercup, the league and the Champions League. This time, unlike in Rome, Alves did start the Wembley final.

Alves is also an important member of the full international Brazil team. In the summer of 2007 he was in the Copa America winning side, and two years later lifted the Confederations Cup in South Africa.


Despite being just 173 cm tall and weighing only 64 kg, Alves is a very strong player. He covers a lot of ground, being a tireless runner able to move up and down the wing – contributing regularly to the attack, without ever neglecting his defensive duties.

It is going forward where he most impresses, and he can shoot with both his left and his right foot. He is also a free kick specialist, and is highly renowned for his crossing ability.


FC Barcelona
2010/11 Champions League
2010/11 Liga
2010/11 Spanish Super Cup
2009/10 Liga
2009/10 World Club Cup
2009/10 European Super Cup  
2009/10 Spanish Super cup
2008/09 Champions League
2008/09 Liga
2008/09 Copa del Rey

2007/08 Spanish Super Cup
2006/07 Copa del Rey
2006/07 UEFA Cup
2006/07 European Super Cup
2005/06 UEFA Cup

Sporte Clube Bahía
2002 Interestatal

Brazil National Side
2009 Confederations Cup
2007 Copa America
2003 U-20 World Cup 

Individual Titles
2005/06 Most Valuable Player in the UEFA Cup
2006 Most Valuable Player in the UEFA Super Cup


2010-11 FC Barcelona
2009-10 FC Barcelona
2008-09 FC Barcelona
2007-08 Sevilla FC
2006-07 Sevilla FC
2005-06 Sevilla FC
2004-05 Sevilla FC
2003-04 Sevilla FC
2002-03 Sevilla FC
2001-02 Esporte Clube Bahía

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