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Xavi Pascual

Xavi Pascual took as coach of AXA Barša on February 14, 2008 after the club opted to end Dusko Ivanovic's time in charge of the basketball team. After two-and-a-half years as assistant to the Montengran trainer, he stepped up to take the helm.

Born on September 9, 1972, Pascual joined FC Barcelona in 2004-05 as the coach of the B team, who played in the EBA League, and was also co-ordinator of the basketball youth set-up. The trainer had previously worked with a number of Catalan teams and worked his way up three divisions, the EBA League, the LEB-2 and the LEB.

Pascual began his coaching career in the game began in 1990-91 in minibasket with CB GavÓ, and stayed for three years. His next club was CB CornellÓ, where became the coach of the under-20 side and the senior B team. Between 1995 and 1997 he was the assistant to AgustÝ Cuesta at CornellÓ. During those two seasons, he helped the team to finish as runners-up and then third in the league, as well as winning the Catalan EBA League in his first term.

From CornellÓ, Pascual moved on to coach CB Santfeliuenc in the Segunda Nacional (the Copa Catalaunya). Next came a stint with CB Olesa between 1999 and 2001 where he helped the club up to the EBA League in his first season and came second the following campaign.

Before joining Barša, Pascual’s last team was Aracena, with whom he won the Catalan EBA League and achieved promotion to the LEB-2. In the 2002-03 campaign he led the team to the title again and movewd up to the LEB. The following year, despite winning the Catalan League title, the team went back to LEB-2.

In 2004-05, he arrived at FC Barcelona as the coach of the EBA League team and the co-ordinator of youth teams. Since 2005-06, Pascual has been the assistant coach to Ivanovic.

Before joining Barša, Pascual ensured that he had something outside of basketball as he waorked as an engineer between 2001 and 2005 with the council of Vildecans. When joining the Blaugrana he dedicated himself solely to the game.


FC Barcelona
2008-09 ACB League

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