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New membership registration process

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29.10.2010 11:55

New membership registration process

From November 2 new applications to be an FC Barcelona member will have to meet the new conditions for registering as an adult member.

Adult category 

1- Be a relative up to one time removed of of an adult member of FC Barcelona. The accepted relations are:

- Between parents and children 
- Between grandparents and grandchildren 
- Between marriages and de facto partnerships (registered) 
- Between brothers and sisters 
- Between in laws

Method for accrediting family relationship:

The applicant will be required to provide information on their member relative and the following documentation:

- Code 
- Membership number
- Name/Surnames 

Documentation accrediting family relationship: .

- Photocopy of DNI or ID document of member
- Photocopy of DNI of applicant
- Photocopies of ‘Libro de familia’, registry or other document o documents that accredits family relationship
- Photograph (if not coming in person)

2- Have previously been a member of the Club for a period of time of at least 2 years. 

Method to accredit having been a club member

Identification by: (any of the following)

- Showing last membership card 
- Providing membership code 
- DNI or ID document

The applicant has the opportunity to make a membership application using the web form at, where he or she can attach all of the information required or can go to the OAB (Barcelona Supporter Services Office, avda. Arístides Maillol s/n Barcelona 08028) with all the documentation.

The membership application process can only be completed once FC Barcelona has verified all of the information that shows that the applicant satisfied all of the requirements made by the Club.

New membership registration process
Process for registering new youth and child members
There are no changes to the application process.
All children aged under 15 years can become club members, regardless of whether they have a relative who is a member of the club or have been members before or not.
They do not have to satisfy the requirements for registering as adult members.

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