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Denis Marconato

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News article on: 9 Marconato

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Name: Denis Marconato
Position: center
Place of birth: Treviso (Italy)
Date: 29-07-1975
Height: 211 cm
Weight: 115 kg

Denis Marconato

Before joining Barca (August 2005), Denis Marconato had spent practically his whole career with his hometown team, Benetton Basket Treviso, where he made his first team debut in the 1992-93 season.

In the 1995-96 season, he was sent out on loan to Italian A2 league outfit Petrarca Padova (1995-96), before returning again to Treviso. In the 2003 season, he took part in the NBA Summer League with the Washington Wizards.

He's an almost permanent fixture in the Italian national side (he has played well over one hundred games) and has taken part in all the international competitions, amassing has an enviable collection of medals.


Marconato is a natural centre, with the main characteristics that define the majority of these players: intimidation, rebounds and defensive consistency. His experience, in combination with all these virtues, is another point in his favour.

His contribution in attack is far from negligible, thanks especially to his long reach, which allows his to finish powerfully when he receives the ball close to the basket. He is also a good shooter from three or four metres and has good free throw averages.


FC Barcelona
2006-07 Spanish Cup

1994-95 European Cup (Copa Saporta)
1994-95 Italian Cup
1996-97 Italian Cup
1997-98 Italian Supercup
1998-99 Saporta Cup
1998-99 Italian League
1999-00 Italian Cup
2000-01 Italian Supercup
2001-02 Italian Supercup
2001-02 Italian League
2002-03 Italian Cup
2002-03 Italian League
2003-04 Italian Cup
2004-05 Italian Cup

Italian National Team
1996-97 Silver medal European Championships
1998-99 Gold medal European Championships
2002-03 Bronze medal European Championships
2003-04 Silver medal Athens Olympics

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