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22.04.2010 12:43

The Heart of Barca


The FC Barcelona Foundation has published an illustrated book about the charitable work done by the Foundation via its charitable centres around the world. The texts are by David Dusster and the photographs by Kim Manresa.

published by the FC Barcelona Foundation and is available in bookshops from 30th April. Through pictures, it tells the story of a number of beneficiaries of the XICS Centres (International Network of Solidarity Centres, in English).

On sale from 30th April

foto_fundacio_fcb.jpg‘El cor del Barça’ costs 32€. In 187 pages it summarises the 5-year history of the XICS project, which helps some 10,000 people. Marta Segú, the director general of the Foundation, told us: “We’d like to tell people about our own programmes and show the impact they have on the people they help”. The book is published in two versions: one with texts in Catalan and English, and another with texts in Spanish and French.

A book about overcoming the odds

The book was written by David Dusster and the photographs were taken by Kim Manresa. The two authors spent a year visiting every single one of the XICS centres around the world. According to Kim Manresa, the aim of the book is not to evoke pity: “This is a book about overcoming the odds”, while David Dusster told us: “We want to explain that there are many important things apart from football”.
The Heart of Barca
Players involved
Puyol, Keita, Marquez and Guardiola also contribute and give their opinions on the charitable work of the Club. At present, the FC Barcelona Foundation has twelve centres located in ten countries on four continents: Catalonia, Senegal, Mali, Burkina Faso, Morocco, Brazil, India and Mexico –these last two with two centres each-, Malawi and Ecuador. In each case they work in conjunction with local organizations and the local authorities and in total help some 10,000 children.

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